A Largs business is one of just two private donors to the Scottish National party in the past six months, new figures have revealed. 

According to The Times, the party received less than £10,000 in private donations in the six months to September. 

This included a £5,000 cash donation from an individual, and £2,400 from an unnamed Largs business.

In the past three months, the party received £426,400 from Westminster - as all opposition parties do - and from the Electoral Commission for 'political development work'. 

In response, an SNP spokeswoman said: “The SNP is proud to be funded by our ordinary members, who continue to suffer under this crippling Westminster-made cost of living crisis.

“We’ll always be appreciative of that broad-based support as we gear up for the next general election, where people across Scotland can vote SNP to escape the damage of Westminster control for good.

“Meanwhile, the corrupt Conservatives — who wasted billions of pounds of public money through its scandalous Covid VIP lane — rely on their millionaire cronies to protect their vested interests.

“And Labour is wholly reliant on trade unions — while betraying the members of these unions by refusing to commit to reversing the draconian anti-trade union laws brought in by the Tories.”

Andrew Neil, TV presenter and chairman of the Spectator Magazine UK, also highlighted the news, saying on X: "Political donations to the SNP dry up under Humza Yousaf’s leadership.

"Scotland’s ruling party received a paltry £7,400 in the six months to September — an individual cash donation of £5,000 and £2,400 from a business in Largs. And that’s it. Of course SNP still gets ton of cash from public purse."

First Minister Humza Yousaf visited Largs in August, where he met with supporters at the SNP branch offices in Gallowgate Lane. He even had time for an ice cream at Nardini’s.

Speaking exclusively to the News at the time, Mr Yousaf said that more investment in the town was crucial to support the area and its thriving tourist economy.

He said: “Towns like Largs are not just important, but are vital to our ecosystem and our economy here in Scotland.

“From a Scottish Government perspective, how do we support important tourist hotspots like Largs to help not just the local economy but the wider one too?

“We’ve got to make sure we continue to invest in, for example, our ferry services. We’re committed to investing in additional ferries and port infrastructure.

“There’s a lot of good investment that we’ve made but there’s certainly more to come.”