A LARGS dog grooming business is setting up a link with an animal charity for Christmas.

Lynsey Ewing, who is the owner of The Pooch Pod, has set up an express Christmas charity drop for the Underheugh Ark Rescue initiative.

Lynsey, who opened her long awaited new business in Brisbane Road earlier this year, said: "I’m hoping to let the people of the town know I am collecting for this charity and would like to do a drop before Christmas if possible.

"Things I am collecting will include pet food, cat beds to give our fosters ,treats, anything for small animals.

The Underheugh Ark Rescue is an established animal charity based in Inverclyde.

The Rescue is now ran by a board of trustees along with a team of dedicated volunteers. and  helps many different kinds of animals with their main focus being dogs, cats, horses and hens.

Their wide variety of animals also includes rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, ducks , pigs, terrapins, budgies, cockatiels and turkeys.

Lynsey continued: "I contacted the Underheugh Ark Rescue to let them know and they were absolutely delighted.

"Anyone with any donations, be it money, food, or blankets, can bring them to the shop, which is open Monday to Saturday, and we can be a central collection point, and I hope to deliver it all in my van whenever we get enough.

"It can be second half goods in useable condition which can also be handed in but has to be good quality."

"The Pooch Pod will also be making a big donation.

"The rescue centre give animals to foster families so by providing food and bedding for the charity it is a big help."

Lynsey told the News that it has been a whirlwind start to opening her dog grooming business in the summer, and she is very grateful to all the support she has received from the local community since opening.

She said: "I have been bowled over by the local support and I have been so lucky to open a business at home and have a fantastic team with customers always popping in to say hello.

"We attended the recent Largs Academy Christmas Fayre too which was great to be involved with."

Lynsey says she hopes to continue being a collections point into January - and urged local pet lovers to get behind the charity drive.