Roads authorities say they've finally got to the bottom of the flooding problem at the A78 to the south of Largs - and it's understood a permanent fix is just a few days away.

Independent councillor Ian Murdoch and local roads campaigner Archie Burleigh have both contacted the News to express their relief that a solution has been found to a problem which has plagued the trunk road at the entrance to Largs Yacht Haven since early November.

Attempts to fix the issue have so far proved unsuccessful.

Cllr Murdoch told the News: "I lodged a formal complaint with Transport Scotland on Monday morning.

"I hope this pushed them on a bit and I await a full response to my complaint.

"Amey have cleared the blockage today. It was a steel plate and sand bags that had become dislodged and blocked the culvert.

"A new steel plate will hopefully be installed tomorrow.

"I have asked for the road to be operating normally by close of business on Friday."

Mr Burleigh said he had been in close contact with Amey throughout - and was pleased that a resolution to the issue has been found at last.

Amey's latest update to both Mr Burleigh and Cllr Murdoch states: "We have managed to completely clear the blockages and the water is now free flowing without the aid of pumps. 

"The blockage has been caused by old metal shuttering within the culvert that had been wrapped in hessian bags when they put the gas main in. 

"Unfortunately over time it had rusted and rotted away, and during a storm must have come loose and partially blocked the culvert.

"This caused debris and the hessian bag to catch on it, and then gather any twigs and leaves that passed through the culvert.

"Luckily the metal did not form any structural part of the culvert and was only used as framework for pouring concrete.

"We are now awaiting delivery of a metal plate that will be placed over the top of the culvert and we will then backfill the excavation and resurface the road.

"In addition we will also be clearing the pedestrian underpass and ensuring all mud and debris is removed.

"We thank you for your patience and understanding during these works but soon the works should be complete and the road fully open."

Amey say they are expecting the delivery of the metal plate on either Thursday or Friday.