The long running flooding problem on the A78 at the access to Largs Yacht Haven has been resolved after seven weeks.

The partial collapse of a stone culvert led to flood water covering the trunk road after heavy rain on November 2.

The collapse was repaired on November 22 - but it didn't solve the flooding issue, with various efforts, including jetting equipment and draining rods with cutters and hooks, failing to resolve the problem.


Now, 45 days on, the issue has finally been fixed.

Amey's latest update to customers stated that they had managed to completely clear the blockages and the water is now free flowing without the aid of pumps. 

North Coast independent councillor Ian Murdoch, who put in an official complaint last week regarding the handling of the matter, said: "It has been a long running problem and I am glad it is over - but I wish it had been resolved much earlier.

"As a consequence, I wonder how much it cost overall, given all the works that were required."

The road maintenance company said the blockage had been caused by old metal shuttering within the culvert that had been wrapped in a hessian bag when they put the gas main in.

Over time it had rusted and rotted away, and during a storm it came loose and partially blocked the culvert.

This caused debris and the hessian bag to catch on it, and then gathered twigs and leaves that passed through the culvert.

Amey had been awaiting delivery of a metal plate that was to be placed over the top of the culvert before the backfilling the excavation and resurfacing the road.