A FAMILY in Largs have been left in shock after a surprise anonymous £10,000 donation was made to help their young daughter.

We previously told that more than £130,000 was raised to send Alara Kavak to the States for surgery on her spine, in the hope it would help her walk unaided for the first time.

The Largs community rallied around Alara, who was born premature and developed cerebral palsy, with concerts, haircuts and raffles to reach the amount needed for the surgery.

And despite the family being home for almost nine months, they received an anonymous £10,000 donation towards their campaign over Christmas.

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Mum Fiona shared the news and her heartfelt message of thanks to the mystery Samaritan.

In an announcement posted online she said: "During the Christmas holidays we received a very large donation of over £10,000 towards Alara's Little Legs.

 "It was an anonymous donation. We were totally blown away. Until you have been on a fundraising journey I don’t think you can get the true emotions it brings.

Largs and Millport Weekly News: The community rallied together to raise £130,000 for Alara to go to the States for surgery The community rallied together to raise £130,000 for Alara to go to the States for surgery (Image: Newsquest)

"It’s a mixture of all sorts from beginning to end. Every donation, every show of kindness, every face at an event, everyone that organised an event, it meant the world and more to us."

The Wee Paper's coverage of the family's Alara's Little Legs campaign won the Local Campaign of the Year prize at the 2023 Scottish Press Awards.

Fiona continued: "We received literally hundreds of anonymous donations and it leaves you with such curiosity and fills you with such amazement of the kindness of others not looking to be known but happy to give.

"On the other hand anytime I donate I’ve always left my name and a wee message, and still do, so at first I couldn’t get my head around an anonymous donation. But it truly is something special.

"Whoever you are, we thank you for your kindness, for taking the time and care to support our girl for your generosity and love. The world needs people like you."