A solution to the controversial car park barrier ticket payment scheme in Largs is being examined, a local councillor has claimed.

Frustrated motorists have complained about the seafront car park barrier being riddled with problems since it was introduced by North Ayrshire Council two years ago.

North Coast councillor Ian Murdoch told the News the council is exploring a new pay and display scheme at the car park in the coming months.

He claims the disruption caused by the barrier scheme had resulted in "tens of thousands of pounds being squandered."

The Independent councillor told the News in October that there had been issues with the pay facility since it was launched at a cost of £60,000.

Motorists have also frequently contacted the News to vent their frustrations with the barrier continually getting stuck.

A council employee was eventually brought in to help offset the funds that were being lost at the insistence of Councillor Murdoch, who understands the new pay and display facility will be introduced in time for the busy summer season.

Councillor Murdoch said: "The income that has been lost to the Largs seafront car park revenue, which goes to benefit local projects, amounts to tens of thousands of pounds of income over the period.

"I have asked for a pay and display option to be explored, and it will prevent a lot of the problems of the barriers not raising. 

"We can't go another year with all these faults and issues causing so much frustration to motorists.

"Going to pay and display will make it much more reliable and the current system will be altered to pay and display.

"I should be a relatively cheaper option with a new pay and display feature set to be installed."

Councillor Murdoch said the new parking wardens are set to be introduced in March to carry out on-the-spot checks.

He added: "I am very pleased that we are exploring the pay and display option as the previous system has simply not worked.

"For the sake of people's own sanity, we need to see a reliable and functional car park which is something to be proud of  - and help raise much-needed funds for local projects.

"The barrier might be staying, and it might be going to Pay and Display.

"This will probably be with the barrier still in place but it won't be operating while connected to the current payment system.

"The current system has never been reliable since it was installed and vehicles are constantly being let out without paying because of the unreliable system.

"Pay and Display should be a more reliable system."

North Ayrshire Council have been contacted for comment.