Scottish Water has been praised for acting quickly to resolve an issue that affected 12,000 homes yesterday evening.

As reported this morning, Scottish Water successfully completed repairs to the burst 18" strategic water main at Whinhill Primary School, Greenock.

The burst affected 12,000 homes yesterday, including properties in Greenock, Gourock, Wemyss Bay and Inverkip.

Local resident Betsy Mackay was among those on social media who praised Scottish Water for their speedy repairs.

She said: "Thankfully we have water this morning! These guys have been pumping water into the system all night long.

"Thank you to all those who have worked all through the frosty night to restore our water supply."

Former News correspondent Billie Walker replied: "I felt the same the other day when I left the house dreading the ice only to discover the guys had been out gritting the pavements. A big shout out to all who help us."

And another villager sang the praises of Scottish Water for the overnight repairs.

They said: "These guys are out in all weathers trying to fix it for us working in freezing conditions - thank you so much and thanks to your hard work."

North Coast councillor Todd Ferguson liaised with Scottish Water to help bring bottle supplies to Skelmorlie Community Centre.

Both he and Independent councillor Ian Murdoch have regularly corresponded with the company on the issue after previous water issues affected the village.

Largs and Millport Weekly News: Cllr Todd FergusonCllr Todd Ferguson (Image: North Ayrshire Conservatives)

Councillor Ferguson said: "It is one of the things we have worked with Scottish Water to set up is these collection points at Skelmorlie Community Centre, as the last time there was a major burst, we asked for it to happen.

"However, it hadn't initially been set up last night, with villagers in Skelmorlie being asked to go Inverclyde Academy. I got on to the Scottish Water corporate team and thankfully they managed to resolve it quickly so that there were bottle supplies at the community centre in Skelmorlie.

"Thanks go to Scottish Water for working through the night and managing to get the issue resolved, and hopefully if there is a future issue, as it has been quite common in Skelmorlie, the community centre can always be supplied with bottle water supplies."

A Scottish Water spokesperson said: "Our teams have worked throughout the night and early hours of the morning to carry out complex repairs to this strategic water main and we would like to apologise to all customers impacted and thank them for their patience and understanding."