Millport has been hit with a power cut this afternoon which has impacted some properties and businesses.

The outage was reported at 2.34pm, with SSEN stating that they hope the matter will be fixed by 5.30pm.

An SSEN statement on their website said: "We're very sorry for the power cut and are aware of a fault on our local network affecting several homes.

"This means that you and some of your neighbours will be affected by the power cut, but not all - this is why you may notice some will have power when you do not.

"It's not uncommon to see one in three homes affected. 

"We have engineers on the way and they are due to arrive in your local area at 3pm. Once they arrive, they will get straight to work on investigating the fault and attempt to restore your power.

"We will continue to update this message with any new information. At this stage, we're aiming to have your power restored by 5.30pm.

"The cause of this power cut is a fault on our underground network.

"This is the most common type of fault we see and our teams are very experienced in dealing with these issues.

"In most cases, our engineers are able to restore power by simply replacing a fuse at the local substation, however, if the fault is severe, this may result in us needing to make full repairs which can take longer.

"If this does happen, we will let you know."