Largs town centre and the A78 in and out of town is highly congested today due to roadworks.

There is gridlock between the RNLI station and Irvine Road, bringing the centre of the town to a standstill.

One local motorist has revealed that he had taken ONE HOUR to drive between Largs Post Office and Fairlie.

Councillor Ian Murdoch said: "I have asked Amey to contact the utility company regarding the lights at the bottom of the Haylie Brae.

"I have asked for the traffic management company to work the lights manually or have the lights removed altogether.

"It is affecting the local bus, other bus routes, taxis, people trying to attend appointments, work vehicles and all sorts of vehicles trying to make journeys on time.

"Tradesmen have been telling me that they have been kept waiting for 40 minutes. 

"How are people supposed to get to medical appointments on time?

"It is causing mayhem."

The News about out a warning regarding multiple roadworks on the A78 including these particular works earlier this week - with these particular works to take place between 9.30am till 3.30pm both today and tomorrow.

Amey have been contacted for comment.