There will be parking and waiting restrictions in Millport due to the installation of a new EV charging unit for vehicles.

The area affected is in Guildford Street from two bays directly outside the Bank of Scotland.

The restrictions will be in place from February 5-12, from 9am to 4pm.

North Ayrshire Council roads department say that diversions will be signposted throughout the duration of the works.

A spokesperson said: "North Ayrshire Council is committed to promoting the uptake of electric vehicles and developing a robust charging infrastructure for residents, businesses and visitors.

"Encouraging the uptake of EVs is fundamental to tackling climate change issues and by reducing traffic pollution, we will also improve the quality of life of people who live, work and visit North Ayrshire.

"As a public body that plans for the long term, the Council is uniquely placed to play a significant role in the EV revolution. A Climate Emergency has been declared by the Council in June 2019, with a commitment to become net-zero carbon by 2030.

"Electric vehicles will not only help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and tackle climate change, but also help improve local air quality and therefore public health and wellbeing."