A theatre show from award-winning Scottish company Tortoise in a Nutshell is heading to the Beacon Arts Centre this month.

The show Ragnarok includes intricate puppetry with 400 handcrafted clay figurines; live feed camera work; and live performance.

Presented in collaboration with Norway's Figurteatret (Nordland Visual Theatre) the show takes inspiration from Norse mythology and explores how people perceive, and relate to, global crises like climate breakdown.

Ragnarok follows a young girl and her brother as they battle to find a promised land. Two souls in a sea of thousands, they move through a fractured world as both dream and reality crumble around them.


Ragnarok is a story of fate and self-determination, mortals and gods, the world’s end and its rebirth, and will be staged locally on February 16 and 17. 

For tickets and showtimes, go to the Beacon website.