A flooding problem at a bus stop in Largs has still not been resolved despite being reported to North Ayrshire Council in January.

The bus stop area in Brisbane Glen Road was left under water on Sunday, January 21.

Community councillor Frank Alexander has raised the matter after the bus stop area in Brisbane Glen Road was first flooded last month during Storm Isha.

And the problem re-emerged at the weekend when heavy rain left the road and pavement area at the bus stop covered by surface water.

It's understood that the flooding on February 4 was the result of a blocked drain.

Mr Alexander said the latest flooding was "staggering" in view of the issue having previously been reported to North Ayrshire Council (NAC).

The local authority said it was aware of the problem and that the issue would be investigated along with drainage issues elsewhere in North Ayrshire.

Largs and Millport Weekly News:

Mr Alexander said: "It started happening after the road was re-tarmacked at around Christmas time when it became noticeable.

"And during periods of high rainfall, it floods, right next to the bus stop itself and spreads right across the road. I feel sorry for anyone that has to go and wait for a bus there.

"Independent councillor Ian Murdoch has personally contacted the council to pass on my concerns that the drain needs attending to, and it has been made a Category 3 concern, which means it needs to be addressed in 60 days.

"What has caused the drain to be blocked I don't know, but the council have come along and have confirmed that there is a defect, and something they do need to clear up.

"It is a well used and important road in the town, and it very much needs addressing sooner rather than later - in particular before the next storm comes along." 

A council spokesperson said: “We are aware of flooding at this location during heavy rainfall.

“Works to investigate drainage problems across North Ayrshire are ongoing and we will visit this location at the earliest opportunity.”