A young Largs muscle man is showing his prowess in the world of wrestling by winning a major title - and says his dream is to perform in WWE and bring wrestling back to the local stage.

Robbie Cardwell, 20, is the Iron Girders Gym King of the Fling Champion, and says it is easily a 'career highlight'.

Robbie, who is a landscape gardener with Maple Maintenance Limited in Skelmorlie, has certainly mowed up the opposition, with an impressive win in front of a live audience in the east end of Glasgow last Saturday night.

He said: "This is easily a career and life highlight and something I've been chasing for as long as I can remember."

"Thank you to all the amazing people who got me here over the years, my coach and mentor, my mum who's been there since I started wrestling and everyone else who's had my back."

The King of the Fling championship is a unique challenge which saw Robbie have to throw his opponents off the stage - and had to tackle a total of NINE opponents in the wrestling ring before lifting the coveted title on Saturday.

Robbie explained: "The rules mean that I have to physically be able to throw my opponent over the top rope while I have stay in the ring with both feet on the floor and once they fall out of the ring they are eliminated." 

Asked for the secret recipe of his powerful effort, Robbie replied: "Protein food is important and I would say my morning porridge is a must! I feel once I have had my porridge I can tackle anyone on the wrestling stage."

Robbie himself has suffered injuries and knocks over the years in the ring which makes him all the more proud, He said: "It is a fair bump when you land outside the ring!

"I have had hand prints on my back, bumps and bruises, and it is definitely a fair old tumble.

"I have had numerous visits to A&E over the years for checks but I keep bouncing back and I have great faith in my ability and to tackle nine men in the ring on Saturday fills me full of confidence going into future challenges.

"I have always loved my wrestling and I have vivid memories of becoming hooked on watching it when I watched WWE on Sky at my gran's. 

"A friend at school made me aware of training classes in Glasgow and I started doing them when I was 15 and became hooked. My job as a landscape gardener involves some heavy weightlifting which helps too and keeps me fit on top of all my daily gym work routines."

Largs and Millport Weekly News:

Robbie is based at Scotland's Pro Wrestling Gym in Parkhead in Glasgow who put on the competitions, and they are extending the reach of their shows with events coming to Ayr and Stevenson. 

"We get huge audiences and all the seating tickets were sold out last Saturday," said Robbie. "And I would love nothing more than bringing Scottish Pro Wrestling to Largs. There is nothing more thrilling than seeing all the fans around the ring and cheering when you go on stage.

"The dream would be to compete in WWE and travel the world and wrestling."

Robbie is a former Kelburn Primary and Largs Academy pupil, and thanked everyone for all their support.

Largs and Millport Weekly News: With mum Vicki and King of the Fling trophyWith mum Vicki and King of the Fling trophy (Image: Robbie Cardwell)

He said: "My mum has been brilliant. Having your son on the stage in wrestling bouts must be quite as scary thing to see but I have worked hard at training and to be crowned champ was fantastic. The coaches, too, have been phenomenal.

"It is something that is different, excitement and action packed. and every match is different.  It is amazing how far I have come and to carry the crown of King of the Fling has been the highest honour."

Delighted mum Vicki Cardwell said: "So proud of you Robbie, your hard work and dedication is inspiring. Never stop chasing your dreams."