Police have renewed their plea to members of the public to come forward with any information as they investigate the murder of a man in North Ayrshire.

Alan Lawson, 36, died in hospital on Tuesday, February 6.

He's understood to have been attacked at a property in Alexander Avenue in Largs three days earlier and then to have been left for dead at his home in New England Road, Saltcoats.

Footage of the alleged attack on Mr Lawson is believed to have been widely shared on social media in the days following his death.

Police carried out raids at properties in Canal Street in Saltcoats and Glasgow Street in Ardrossan on February 15 as part of their investigation, but no arrests were made following either operation.

At a public meeting in Largs, police were asked why a description of the alleged attacker - who has yet to be traced - has still not been made public by the force, despite officers stating that they are following a definite line of enquiry.

A police presence remains at the property in Alexander Avenue where police believe Mr Lawson was attacked on February 3.

Largs and Millport Weekly News: A house search took place in Saltcoats last weekA house search took place in Saltcoats last week (Image: Newsquest)

Addressing members of Largs Community Council, Sergeant Donald Fisher said: "The enquiry is ongoing, including down in the Three Towns where police have been following lines of enquiry.

"This also stems from information, snippets and anything anyone hears.

"I would ask if anyone hears any snippets, please let us know.

"There is a major investigation team from Glasgow who are collating all the information, and all information that comes in is being cross-referenced and checked.

"There have been a lot of police in Alexander Avenue at the property concerned, and a lot of that is enquiry teams, and forensics like you would see on the TV, and officers standing guard at the location.

"There are also reassurance patrols in the area, and there have been a lot of resources from other areas, allowing local patrols to get on with their day-to-day business.

"That has been a great help in allowing us to carry out our duties.

"It is not an incident anyone would want to happen in the town.

"The nature of it is very concerning given that there have been images shared, and people might not want it to be shared.

"The enquiry is ongoing, and I can't give you a particular time when he will be found."

Community councillor Margaret Wood asked if the video footage of the incident could be removed from the internet, but Sgt Fisher said that that was beyond the scope of the enquiry.

Community councillor Jamie Black mentioned a serious crime in Edinburgh in which police issued a detailed description of a suspect, and asked why officers hadn't taken a similar approach as part of their investigation into Mr Lawson's death.

Sergeant Fisher said he was unable to comment on that decision, but pointed out that officers investigating Mr Lawson's death were following a definite line of enquiry, which is not always the case in murder probes.

After further questions, Sgt Fisher said: "If anyone has any information please let us know through the usual channels and it will be passed onto the senior investigating officer."

A dedicated online portal has been set up for members of the public to pass on information relating to Mr Lawson's death. 

Information can be supplied via the portal at mipp.police.uk/operation/SCOT24S03-PO1 or, anonymously, by calling Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.