A SMALL helper from Largs has been rewarded after he rescued three trolleys in the town.

Max spotted three trollies that were dumped at the bottom of a lane and brought them back to his local supermarket.

After proud mum Megan showed off his hard work on Facebook, he received dozens of messages of thanks from the community for his good deed.

Largs and Millport Weekly News: Max was rewarded for his hard-work by MorrisonsMax was rewarded for his hard-work by Morrisons (Image: Morrisons Largs)

One resident said: "It takes a young boy to show community spirit. Well done Max. A son to be proud of."

Another added: "There are a lot of nice people in Largs and you are certainly one of the best."

And a few days later Morrisons staff expressed their thanks to the young helper.

In a post on social media, they said: "THANK YOU MAX! Today, we said a huge thank you to Max, who brought back THREE of our trollies that he found around town!

"Thank you Max! That was a HUGE help. You can definitely come and work for us anytime."