A GREEN group in Skelmorlie has received some tree-mendous news after securing grant funding for new planting around the village's school.

The Skelmorlie Environmental Trust are behind the project, with support from North Ayrshire Council and John Hancox of Scottish Heritage Fruit Trees,

Spokesperson Nick Hobson said: "As part of the funding application, we worked with North Ayrshire Council and Scottish Heritage Fruit Trees to identify suitable sites and select appropriate species to suit the ground conditions.

"We took into consideration maintaining a good line of sight for people collecting children from school, not obscuring anyone's view, while also keeping the trees central to the community for easy picking.

"The trees will mostly be apple but also pear, cherry, plum and quince trees and our expert advises that they may start to bear fruit in as little as two years.

"Skelmorlie Environment Trust will manage the trees but already we have gathered support from other individuals, the school, the Scouts and Youth Group.

"As a condition of the £4,722 grant funding, the tree planting must be completed by the end of March.

"With that in mind the Trust has proposed tree planting will take place on Saturday March 9, and Monday March 11."

Further details are available on the Trust's website at www.skelmorlieenvironmenttrust.co.uk.