Traffic wardens and a new one-hour parking limit on Largs Main Street are set to be introduced by the end of March.

A two-week trial of the new arrangements will be held before restrictions are imposed in full.

The measures form part of the new 'decriminalised parking enforcement' (DPE) regime across North Ayrshire - something that has been in the works for more than 10 years and has been hit by repeated delays.

North Coast councillor Alan Hill, a member of North Ayrshire Council's ruling SNP group, said he hopes DPE will have a "transformative effect" in enabling motorists to find a parking space on Main Street.

He said: "The wardens will be implemented on March 28 and this will free up parking space.

Largs and Millport Weekly News: Councillor Alan Hill (SNP, North Coast)Councillor Alan Hill (SNP, North Coast) (Image: North Ayrshire Council)"Enforcement officers are currently getting familiarised with DPE protocol and are having further training, and there will be a DPE soft launch on March 28 for a period of two weeks.

"There will be warning notices handed out during that period of the first fortnight of April that penalties will be incurred once the parking order is enforced in mid-April.

"I hope that it has a positive effect and will allow older people and the public in general the opportunity to quickly find a parking space and go to an appointment or pick up messages.

"It should also help the economy and provide a shot in the arm to boost shopping, whilst discouraging people from going out of the town centre when they know they can go into Largs and get what they are looking for."

The 'one hour parking and no return' regime in Largs town centre has been in place for a long time, but historically has not been strictly enforced, something the local authority hopes will end when DPE is introduced.

A parking supervisor and six parking enforcement officers have been recruited and are currently undergoing familiarisation training in DPE procedures.

Further training in conflict resolution and systems training is scheduled for completion by 27 March 2024.

A council document on DPE states: "The implementation of DPE will commence on March 28 with a soft launch, initially for a period of two weeks. During this period warning notices will be issued to raise awareness of the parking behaviours that will incur a penalty charge notice once parking controls are enforced."

What constitutes illegal parking across North Ayrshire?

* Below are a few examples of why you may receive a penalty charge notice.

* Parking on a length of yellow line and loading activities were not observed.

* Vehicle is parked at a length of yellow line with kerb markings when waiting is not allowed.

* Purchased parking time had expired.

* More parking time was purchased, after the maximum stay had been reached and the vehicle had not moved.

* Parking without payment of the parking charge.

* Parking in an electric vehicle charging place during restricted hours without charging.

* Parking in a loading gap marked by a yellow line.

* Parking in a suspended parking place.

* The vehicle was re-parked in the same place within the no-return period.

* The vehicle was parked in the wrong bay, such as an electric vehicle, motorcycle bay.

* The vehicle was not parked correctly within the bay markings.

* Parking in a loading bay, no loading observed.

* Staying for longer than allowed in a parking place.

* Vehicle was parked in a disabled parking place without displaying a valid disabled blue badge.

* Parking in a parking place for emergency vehicles.

* Parking in a bay for the use of funeral vehicles only.

* Vehicle parked in a taxi rank.

* Vehicle was parked in a bus stop.

* Parking a vehicle on the pavement

* Parking a vehicle adjacent to dropped kerbs at a pedestrian crossing point

* Double parking a vehicle

* Parking a vehicle on the grass verge where a pavement is adjacent to it.