A PUBLIC meeting will be held in Largs this week to discuss a way forward for the town following a spate of recent business closures.

The meeting has been organised by a group of people in the town after they saw small businesses close their doors to the public for various reasons in recent months.

Heather Meldrum, one of the meeting's organisers, says the event will discuss ways to help current business owners and eventually bring future businesses to the area.

Heather told the News: "We are all residents. We walk around the town and would have to be blind to not see the shop closures. The town in general is struggling.

"We decided that rather than sit and moan about it or have a rant on Facebook, we do something about it. It is our town and it is our responsibility to try and take part to mitigate some of the circumstances for businesses.

"It is an opportunity to get everyone, from residents, business owners and representatives, for a clear and frank discussion over the challenges they are facing, what realistically can be done and what other things we can do as residents."

Among the ideas set to be considered is a 'crowdfunding' initiative similar to one launched in Dumfries in 2021 to purchase empty shops on the high street and transform them, under community ownership, into a space for living, working and enterprising.

However, Heather has made it clear that the meeting will have one main focus at heart.

She added: "It is not about potholes, dog dirt or a hundred and one other issues, because we can talk all night about it. We are purely trying to focus on businesses in Largs.

"We aim to walk away with action points with things that we can do to help Largs. There are reasons to be optimistic, but alongside these investments from the likes of Marks and Spencer's we have these independent shops closing down.

"It is the independent shops that give this town its uniqueness and encourage people to come and visit us.

"This is your town. Don't be a spectator. Take part in these meetings and come together to revitalise the town centre."

The meeting will take place in the main hall at Clark Memorial Church on Thursday, March 7 at 7pm.