DISRUPTION to the Largs-Cumbrae ferry has extended into a fourth day because of technical problems with the ship operating on the route.

The MV Loch Shira is not operating to timetable with vehicles required to reverse on and off the vessel because of a problem with one of the ship's two vehicle ramps.


🔸AMBER #Largs #Cumbrae 11Mar Due to the ongoing issue with MV Loch Shira's ramp, vehicles may be required to reverse on/off of the vessel which is increasing loading time.
As a result, the vessel is operating a shuttle service and is not currently operating to timetable.

The vessel is currently operating a shuttle service due to the increased loading times. 

The problem first arose shortly after midday on Friday, March 8, when services were initially suspended altogether. 

Sailings resumed a short time later but the problem with the vessel's ramp continued throughout the course of the weekend.