Mariners are being reminded that a new offshore breakwater has now been constructed as part of the Millport Coastal Flood Prevention Scheme. 

The structure is now in place between the South Eilean and two of the smaller islets, The Spoig and The Leug, off the coast of Cumbrae.

The area remains marked by temporary buoys according to the existing Notice to Mariners from Peel Ports.

Red leading lights which used to indicate the safe approach channel to Millport Harbour between the South Eliean and The Spoig have also been permanently extinguished.

The Cumbrae Coastguard Rescue Team is urging all vessels to pay attention to the new rules in place when moving through the area.

A spokesperson said: "All vessels should familiarise themselves with the correct routes and tide times, pay close attention to static under keel clearance and proceed with caution when transiting the area.

"A new permanent lighting scheme is due to be installed later this month to be communicated in a separate Notice To Mariners and the UK Hydrographic Office will update the relevant charts and publications accordingly."