A Largs OAP has been slapped with a curfew after admitting growing cannabis in his flat.  

Alister Fulton, 73, who now lives in sheltered housing in the town, pleaded guilty to producing the controlled drug at his previous home in Hunterston Road in West Kilbride on July 11 last year.

Appearing at Kilmarnock Sheriff Court for sentencing, he also pleaded guilty to intentionally bypassing an electricity meter at the property.

The fiscal depute told the court that police were called to the property at around 2.30am following reports of a disturbance.

Officers were allowed entry to the property by Fulton and began a search, which soon uncovered a cannabis plant and equipment within the flat.

Police then found four more plants in different stages of growth in the garden shed, and also discovered that an electricity meter had been tampered with.

When questioned about the find, Fulton told police that he was “growing cannabis for medicinal purposes”.

But the court heard he'd later claimed to social workers that the cannabis belonged to a young couple who had been living in the flat.

His defence solicitor told the court that Fulton, who now lives in Cumbrae Gardens, accepted full responsibility.

The court was told Fulton had been suffering with depression and had self-medicated with alcohol, but was no longer drinking.

Fulton, the court heard, had told his defence solicitor that he was aware that the meter was being tampered with, but allowed it to happen.

Sheriff Colin Bisset revealed to the court that Fulton had told a social worker that a young couple had been living in the flat, and that the cannabis belonged to them.

The sheriff told Fulton: “These offences are serious. Your position in all of this has changed.

“First it was your personal use, and then you said others are responsible. You seem to be making excuses for your conduct.”

Fulton was handed a fine of £840, and was told he won't be allowed to leave his property between 7pm and 7am for the next four months.