AS well as being the minister at West Kilbride, for the last number of years I have been the chaplain to Kilmarnock Football Club.

Because of other commitments, I hadn't managed to attend a match recently, and so I was looking forward to watching Kilmarnock play St Mirren at Rugby Park.

Before the match, there was the usual anticipation - but this was quickly extinguished as St Mirren scored two goals, and at half-time, I was regretting having gone.

But what a change in the second half! Kilmarnock scored one, then equalised, and then scored three more goals, all in the space of 19 minutes, and won the game 5-2. I have never been to a game like it!

This week is Holy Week leading to Good Friday and Easter Sunday - the high points of the Christian faith. Good Friday, when Jesus died on the cross, many saw it as a defeat, and that Jesus couldn't have been who he said he was - the Messiah and the Son of God.

And who comes back from death? It was a bit like the first half of Kilmarnock v St Mirren. It seemed like defeat.

But then Sunday comes. Jesus' body had been placed in a tomb, but as some of the woman who followed him went to anoint his body early on the Sunday morning, the heavy stone in front of the tomb had been rolled away and Jesus' body was not there.

Angels at the tomb declared that Jesus was risen. And later that same day, Jesus appeared in person to the disciples.

So it seems that Good Friday wasn't defeat at all and that Jesus knew exactly what he was doing - that he was laying down his life, paying the price for sin that those who believe in him might know forgiveness and peace with God.

And as Jesus had risen again to new life, it showed that death was conquered and that eternal life was possible.

Good Friday and Easter Sunday. The ultimate game of two halves. But as we sing on Easter Sunday morning: Thine be the glory, risen, conquering Son! Endless is the victory thou o'er death hast won!

Thank you for joining me journeying towards Easter these last four weeks. May you know peace and joy this Easter.