LARGS residents have renewed their calls for average speed cameras to be introduced on the A78 after another crash north of the town.

Gerry McDonald, who lives in Hollywood Apartments just off Greenock Road, described the trunk road outside his home as a ‘race track’ on Saturday and Sunday evenings,

Mr McDonald told members of Largs Community Council (LCC) that he had raised concerns last year without success - and that he feared the problem would only get worse in the longer spring and summer days.

He said: “I came to the community council last year with the same concerns.

"I am aware that there have been some detections using speed detection guns, which I think is okay, but it is only a sticking plaster.

“The police can enforce sporadic speed checks, but it is a 24/7 problem, and on Saturday and Sunday it is like a race track.

“I believe the technology for average speed cameras is much more available now and it does sit in other areas.

"I know in Kilbirnie they have introduced a static speed camera - I am not in favour of static speed cameras as people slow down and then speed up again, but they are better than nothing.

“I noticed on my drive out there has been a fairly serious accident on the Skelmorlie road which has smashed a wall.

“It is the demolition you would expect from a high speed impact, certainly not a 40mph zone.

"If North Ayrshire Council can put in a static speed camera in Kilbirnie, why can the powers that be not do something similar here?"

Largs and Millport Weekly News:

Mr McDonald’s concerns drew sympathy from the community council chairman Jim Phillips, who said he had personal experience of speeding motorists on the northern outskirts of Largs.

Last week we reported on a blunder which saw 30mph markings go down next to a 40mph sign on a section of the A78 leaving Largs for Skelmorlie.

Mr McDonald commented: “In some respects, it shows you how ridiculous this is, when people are putting a big red line across the road and they don’t know what the speed limit is supposed to be.

"Very few people seem to be observing the 30mph or 40mph zones as far as I can see, and that wall looked like it was certainly more than 40mph whatever hit it.”

Mr Phillips said: “I think the main issue is how we get motorists to adhere to speed restrictions that are in force.”

Independent North Coast councillor Ian Murdoch said he believed the 40mph limit on the A78 between Largs and Skelmorlie "should never have happened" and the limit should have been kept at 60mph.

But he said he agreed with enforcement, and was "okay with cameras being installed", adding: "We need enforcement.”

Mr McDonald pointed to two other sections of road in Scotland which had 30mph average speed cameras - one on the A77 at Minishant in South Ayrshire, and one on the A730 through Rutherglen near Glasgow.

"Only the stupid and ignorant will ignore average speed cameras," he said.

“We require something in as a deterrent as at this moment motorists are not paying heed to the 30mph or 40mph signs, and average speed cameras could help with that.”

A spokesperson for Amey, the company that maintains the A78 trunk road on behalf of Transport Scotland, said: “The process of evaluating the need for average speed cameras rests with the Safety Camera Partnership. We are not aware of any plans at present for such a system on the A78 trunk at this location. Amey’s role would be to maintain and manage these assets were they to be added to the southwest trunk road network.”