WORSHIPPERS on Cumbrae are being invited to join a 'sunrise walk' to the top of the island to welcome Easter Sunday.

Early risers are being invited to set off from Cumbrae Parish Church at 5.45am, reaching The Glaidstone in time for the rising of the sun at 6.53am.

The walkers will then head back down the hill to enjoy breakfast rolls at the church, before a chance to head home ahead of morning worship at the church at 11am.

All times are BST, with the clocks going forward at 1am on Sunday.

The details are contained within the diary of Cumbrae, Fairlie and Largs Parish, with no details listed for a sunrise service, as has traditionally happened in the past, at Largs Pencil. 

Largs and Millport Weekly News:

Speaking in the church newsletter, Reverend Dr Graham McWilliams said: "Within our new parish, we have each had to face some form of challenge and change. However, Jesus' confrontation with religious leaders in Jerusalem highlights the importance of standing up for one's convictions and facing these challenges with faith and coverage. 

"Through Lent and specially through Holy Week, we are given new opportunities to draw closer to God, examine our hearts, and align our lives, once again, with the transformative message of God."

"Our parish life has changed, our spiritual experiences may be changing, but we are still all called by the same Lord. I hope we can follow Him together into the future.

"May you be filled with hope in the one true God."