PLANS to shut a long stretch of the A78 in Largs for an entire weekend have been branded "intolerable" by councillors - who vowed to resist the proposals.

Infrastructure company Amey wants to shut the A78 from just beyond Anthony Road, near the Haylie Brae junction, to the roundabout outside Morrisons for resurfacing work for two days in May. 

The closure would force a huge diversion for motorists.

And Amey's plans have been branded "unacceptable" by local North Ayrshire councillors.

Cllr Alan Hill said: “We made it clear to Amey that works on this scale in May are simply not acceptable.

"Our local economy depends heavily on tourism and we cannot see the town effectively closed during one of our busiest tourist months of the year.

"Councillors were unanimous in supporting the call to delay the works until the end of the tourist season in maybe late October.”

Largs and Millport Weekly News:

Following a meeting between councillors and roads bosses on Friday, Amey agreed to go away and reconsider the proposals.

Cllr Eleanor Collier added, "We have already experienced weeks of disruption due to the works taking place south of Seamill at the Waterside Hotel.

"To then see Largs effectively shut up for a weekend in May is intolerable and cannot be allowed to happen.

"May is very often among the busiest times of year locally for visitors and local businesses depend on this trade.”

The issue of traffic heading to Millport was also raised.

Cllr Hill said, “Although this is mainland roads issue, people often forget that Largs is also the gateway to the Isle of Cumbrae.

"May is one of the busiest times of year for visitors to Millport too and this also needs to be factored into plans.

"Although Amey are principally dealing with the resurfacing of a roadway in Largs, this will have very serious consequences for locals and visitors to Millport.

"As a tourist island, Millport businesses depend even more heavily on tourism than those on the mainland and we simply cannot afford to lose a weekend’s trading at one of the busiest times of year.”

Largs and Millport Weekly News: Councillor Eleanor Collier said the planned closure would be intolerableCouncillor Eleanor Collier said the planned closure would be intolerable (Image: North Ayrshire Council)

Cllr Collier concluded: “These works do very much need to be done, and resurfacing of the A78 is to be welcomed, but the works also need to be carried on outwith the tourist season.

"I am  pleased that the five North Coast councillors were unanimous in their support for this proposal. Now we just need to make sure that Amey listens to us.”

Independent councillor Ian Murdoch said: "It was impossible to agree to this timescale but the problem is that this road is needing resurfaced.

"It should have been done in February or March, not at the height of the tourism season."