A petrol theft took place at the Q8 filling station in Fairlie during recent weeks, police have revealed.

At a briefing with the village community council, Sergeant Donald Fisher revealed that three crimes were reported overall out of the calls made to the police.

He said that there was one report of an alleged assault but this case had a history and is being dealt with.

There was a report of threats and abusive behaviour over the phone and one of the theft of fuel from the petrol station to the north of the village.

It was one of 10 incidents to have occurred in the village during February, which were reported at the subsequent monthly meeting.

Police told the most recent community council meeting that this involves any kind of calls to the police, including multiple calls from the same incident, in some cases, or calls that may not end up being police matters.

To report a crime, phone 101 or contact Police Scotland here - https://www.scotland.police.uk/secureforms/contact/