Two generous brothers from Largs are embarking on an epic road trip to Ukraine to provide clothing and sweatshirts to orphanages in an incredible gesture from a Largs businessman.

Les Ward, who is a director of the Largs-based charity Gillian's Saltire Appeal, has donated the clothing from stock from his shop in the Main Street for the mission.

Fellow director David Ennis, and brother Brian, are embarking on the four day trip to Eastern Europe in order to deliver scores of bags, full to the brim of jumpers and sweatshirts, for vulnerable kids who need them the most.

The kind hearted move will result in the deliveries taking place over the coming weeks, meaning young Ukranians will be sporting clothing with well known Largs names, school badges, and logos.

Les said: "I have donated all the sweatshirts and fleeces and there are huge bagfuls which are packed to the gunnels and will be delivered to Ukraine.

"The trip involving David and Brian will see them drive by jeep not just to the border at Poland and drop them off but physically drive to Ukraine, in a convoy mission."

David Ennis added: "The winters in Ukraine are infamous for being wicked and cold and these deliveries will mean that they will have these items ready to use throughout the year and for when the weather changes, as this is vital clothing for orphanages.

"Sadly, the situation in Ukraine means that there are lot of orphans, some of who have fathers who are fighting, and in a number of cases, even mothers too are going to the frontline.

"It is a very tough time that these kids are going through."

Largs and Millport Weekly News:

The charity Jeep For Peace is looking for volunteer drivers, and David and Brian will both be driving in a convoy which includes military vehicles for medical evacuation to help in the war effort. They will be leaving on an unspecified date in April.

Brian said: "We will be part of a convoy of 30 vehicles as part of a very expensive operation with funds required for the fuel and basic accommodation, and we will be driving the whole 1,200 miles. Donations will be gratefully appreciated to the Jeeps For Peace charity.

All the garments will be in wrappers, some going back to excess stock when there used to be individual primary schools in Largs - so some will have Brisbane Primary and Kelburn Primary logos on them.

Largs and Millport Weekly News:

Even a soldier from America is helping and providing assistance and visited Largs to help with the delivery operation of all the jumpers and helping in the packing.

A delighted Les said: "We have been thinking long and hard about how we could find a home for these sweatshirts and this seems an ideal answer and will help others who are going through difficult and unimaginable times right now in Ukraine.

"The fact that they are going to orphanages is very important, and this is one huge operation and we are delighted that Gillian's Saltire Appeal is playing its part in it."

Les has been running his clothing and merchandise shop in Tron Place, Largs for more than 30 years.

And to make the driving bid all the more impressive, both Brian and David are septuagenarians, and delighted to be taking part.

David said: "How often do you get an opportunity to do something like this? It is amazing."

Jeeps for Peace is a group of ordinary people with a collective mission: to save lives in Ukraine. They have already taken 100 Jeeps to Ukraine for front-line humanitarian aid.

Once in Ukraine, each vehicle will be modified before being sent to the front-line.

There they will be used to deliver critical supplies of food and medicines, evacuate civilians in danger and retrieve wounded soldiers from the front-line. They can then be rapidly transported to the vital medical teams.

Each vehicle directly saves lives and is invaluable and they now will also play a part in delivering important clothing to orphanages throughout the country.