Largs is brimming with new gardeners as beginners turned out in force for Largs and District Horticultural Society’s spring workshop.

More than 40 new gardeners attended Largs Horticultural Society’s seed sowing workshop in a bid to get growing this season.

Society president Ian Taylor had plenty of advice for new gardeners and demonstrated the art of seed sowing and tuber growing.

He said: “You just need a container. Anything will do, like a yoghurt carton or margarine box.

"Make sure there are holes in the bottom, put in some compost mixed with perlite or vermiculite to aerate the roots, put in a few seeds and cover with perlite or compost, water, let it drain, and leave on a sunny window ledge or other warm bright place.

“Label all seedlings. We think we’ll remember: we won’t.”

Ian warned that in Largs we get frost at the end of May one year in three, so don’t put tender plants and seedlings out too early - and if you do, watch the weather and be ready with the fleece if there is a frost forecast.

Ian followed this with instructions on how to grow vegetables, starting with potatoes.

He said: “Plant potatoes in bags or in the ground 15cm apart abd leave them to grow, watering when needed."

Moving on to flower tubers, Ian reminded the audience to plant begonias with the hollow side up. He then discussed dahlias, and advised: "If you live on the seafront in Largs with a sheltered garden, you might be OK keeping them in the ground over winter, preferably covered with a mulch of compost, but up on the hill, you need to lift them.”

Ian said he lifts his dahlias every year in October and stores them in a shed over the winter. He demonstrated splitting the tubers, getting five small clumps out of one plant from last year.

After Ian's informative talk, the audience flocked to select from a comprehensive range of free vegetable, flower and herb seeds provided and collect their new gardeners’ packs.

Potatoes, onion sets, and plants also adorned the seed bench. Refreshments were served and the raffle was drawn.

Ian added: "The society would like to thank members, The Rowan Tree and Dobbies for their generous donations of seeds and potatoes for the event.

"Thanks also to Morrisons, Largs who donated a lovely snack hamper towards the raffle, which we hear was very much enjoyed."