A bike hire shop on Cumbrae has made a generous donation for the second time to support a charity.

Mapes of Millport has thrown its weight behind the work of Glasgow-based charity Common Wheel by donating 40 of their bikes to support the cause.

Common Wheel ​is a charity that supports people managing or recovering from mental illness and dementia by providing meaningful activities.

The organisation runs 'Build Your Own Bike' workshops where their bike engineers teach people how to strip an old bike and rebuild it into one they can ride away and keep.

They also have two bike workshops based in Glasgow, where all repairs are carried out.

In an announcement online, they said: "We're thrilled to announce our partnership with Common Wheel in Glasgow again this year!

"We've joyfully donated around 40 bikes to support their incredible cause.

"At Mapes of Millport, we wholeheartedly support Common Wheel's mission of enhancing mental wellbeing, fostering skills, combating isolation, and eradicating stigma.

"Together, we're envisaging a Glasgow where every individual facing mental illness thrives, leading fulfilling lives, and actively contributes to our community."