Ferry campaigners at last had some good news this morning after CalMac revealed that they would make one key change to their ticketing structure.

The CalMac Ferry Users Group have learnt today that the restriction on buying 'single only' from Cumbrae will be removed.

A spokesperson for the Ferry Users Group said; "As many will be aware we have been campaigning for improvements in the ticketing processes operated by Calmac since the introduction of their Ar Turas system last May.

"We have recently had feedback that the restriction on buying "single only" from Cumbrae will be removed, so islanders will be able to buy a return ticket from the staff at Cumbrae Slip. this will be enabled from Monday, April 29. 

"Other issues such as season tickets, improvements in multi journey child and SPT tickets, and going back to the previous process of not needing a return ticket from Cumbrae are still being pushed for by the ferry committee.

"One small step forward!"