A HUGE structure which will form part of the new Renfrew bridge has been spotted sailing up the Clyde.

The structure, on board the Sarens barge Caroline, is being towed to the city from Rotterdam by the Dutch tug Atlantis.

The tug left the Netherlands with its 650-tonne cargo on April 18, travelling at an average speed of just 3.5 knots.

It was recorded west of Ardrossan at midnight and performed a delicate 360 degree holding circle before continuing north in daylight.

It was recorded to the west of Millport at 6.40am and was visible from Largs at 7am.

The new structure is being transported by barge, with calm and sunny conditions for the journey along the River Clyde.

Renfrewshire Council says the striking design of the bridge draws on the west of Scotland's rich shipbuilding heritage, and when it's up and running, it will use a cable stay system, similar to the Queensferry Crossing. 

Thanks to Richard Kreider for the photo