DRIVERS in Largs have been warned to be extra vigilant after a car was stolen from a seafront car park in the town.

It’s believed that the theft may be the latest example of criminals using high-tech scanning software to bypass cars’ keyless entry systems.

The incident, which happened on April 9, comes after a spate of similar vehicle thefts in the town in early 2023.

Sergeant Donald Fisher, from Police Scotland, told members of Largs Community Council (LCC) that the latest incident is part of a “worrying trend” of vehicle thefts happening across the UK.

He said police believe that the thieves used a car which had been stolen from the Glasgow area to gain access to the car park, before making off with the second vehicle.

Sergeant Fisher said he recommended using ‘Faraday pouches’, which block the wireless signal from the fob of a car with a keyless entry system.

“It is not just Largs,” Sergeant Fisher said. “It is very much an ongoing thing across the UK. 

"My advice is to carry out all reasonable precautions. Be particularly vigilant in locking the car, and use Faraday pouches, which stop any kind of wireless transfer.”

Largs and Millport Weekly News: Sergeant Donald Fisher advises motorists take sensible precautionsSergeant Donald Fisher advises motorists take sensible precautions (Image: Newsquest)

Vehicles in Walkerston Avenue, Mackerston Place and Greenock Road were all stolen in the space of a few weeks earlier last year.

A business van was also stolen from the back of Largs and was eventual recovered at an industrial site in Greenock.

Sergeant Fisher said there was particular concern over Ford vehicles being targeted by thieves.

"It is something that has been concerning us for a wee while,” Sergeant Fisher said. “It is not just limited to Largs, but there has been a definite uptick.

“There is a wider investigation being carried out by the police which includes the whole of Ayrshire. In fact it is almost a UK-wide concern,  with Ford Fiestas and Fords being targeted.

"There have been a couple of these crimes recently as well as attempted thefts of vehicles.

We have a crime team working on it, and they are also analysing CCTV to find out which direction they are coming from and where they are going to."

Largs and Millport Weekly News:

A Faraday box or pouch will block a key fob’s wireless signal when the key fob is placed inside.

Experts also suggest installing a tracker device, which may not stop a car being stolen but can help with its recovery.

LCC member Jamie Black said: “Prevention is the best form of attack against the car thieves and I hope that car owners in Largs take these basic steps to protect themselves."

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: “We are treating this increase of car crimes in the area with the utmost seriousness and want to provide communities with all the information they require to help stop their vehicles being targeted.

"If you have a garage or driveway, please use it. Park in well-lit areas preferably covered by CCTV. Investing in a tracking device won’t necessarily prevent your vehicle from being stolen, but it can help recover it.

“We would ask the public to report any suspicious activity to Police Scotland on 101, or call Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.”

More information about protecting your vehicle is available at