POLICE in Largs have moved to reassure members of the public concerned at what appears to be a large number of assaults and housebreakings in the town.

Local police sergeant Donald Fisher told members of Largs Community Council (LCC) that it's believed one person is connected to repeated reports of physical assaults, and that it's thought the same may apply to break-ins.

LCC member Margaret Wood raised the issue at the organisation's latest meeting.

Asking if there was a particular reason behind the apparent spike, she said: "It seems to be month after month, assaults seem to be more prevalent in the crime report."

Sgt Fisher said that he would have to look back at reports and if there were trends noticeable from month to month.

Largs and Millport Weekly News: Sgt Donald Fisher says on some occasions only one person was involved in multiple incidentsSgt Donald Fisher says on some occasions only one person was involved in multiple incidents (Image: Newsquest)

Ms Wood continued: "In the run-up to Christmas the number of assaults in the town seemed to going down, but the last three months there seem to be various reports in each of the crime reports, and I wondered if there was a reason why."

Sgt Fisher said that there had been an element of youth disorder which could account for the rise in figures.

He added: "We are very much aware of it and working with the school, parents and any other agencies we can to try and intervene in that kind of behaviour."

Sgt Fisher said assaults sometimes arise out of other incidents police have been asked to attend.

He pointed to one recent crime report in which three reported assaults on police involved only one individual, with individual reports in relation to each of the three officers allegedly assaulted.

Ms Wood said: "I was looking at last year's crime figures for the same period last winter into spring and the assault crimes were nowhere near as high. Is it perhaps that one or two people are just becoming more desperate?"

Sgt Fisher replied: "There may be more friction in society but what the root causes are I don't know.

"But if it is something which is domestic, it is difficult to tell or see beyond the interventions that we already do. It is entirely a different matter if it happens within a house or if it happens in a street."

Ms Woods also pointed out that crime statistics over recent meetings also showed a steep rise in house break-ins.

She said: "Again, this seems to have been on the up again after it had seemingly died down."

Sgt Fisher said that although the figures may look high, repeated reports that may involve only one person would affect the figures. He said police were pursuing the matter.

Police advise any concerns that the public may have in relation to any incidents in the area, should phone '101' or go to the Contact Us section on the Police Scotland website.