COUNCIL bosses have admitted a missed collection led to litter bins overflowing in West Kilbride at the weekend.

North Coast councillor Todd Ferguson was alerted by members of the public to bins at full capacity at Fullerton Drive in Seamill on the afternoon of Sunday, May 12.

Similar problems have also been reported on Cumbrae, where Cllr Ferguson says the issue lies with some camper van users not following the Scottish Outdoor Access Code.

The warm weather at the weekend brought larger than usual numbers of campers and day-trippers to the North Ayrshire coast.

Pictures showed three overflowing bins at Fullerton Drive, at the access to Arneil Bay, at 2pm on Sunday.

Cllr Ferguson said: "I’ll check with the Streetscene team and see what they say. Given there are three bins already you’d think that would be sufficient.

Largs and Millport Weekly News:

"The green bin will be a seasonal one.

"There were similar issues on Cumbrae over the weekend, albeit that tended to be primarily campers and camper vans with big black bin bags left next to bins which the seagulls then get into.

"The Outdoor Access Code is quite clear that people should be taking their litter with them, particularly when camping or in camper vans. This looks like the usual 'nice day out' beach rubbish."

A spokesperson for North Ayrshire Council said: “There are three bins in this location at Fullarton Drive that are scheduled to be serviced every two days.

"Unfortunately, due to matters outwith our control, the service was missed on Saturday.

Largs and Millport Weekly News:

“However, our operations team identified the issue and the bins have now been emptied.

"Scheduling for these bins, under normal circumstances, is closely monitored and believed to be adequate, even during periods of higher footfall.

“We work in partnership with colleagues at Keep Scotland Beautiful and Zero Waste Scotland to enable litter-picking events and support initiatives such as the My Beach, Your Beach, Give Your Litter a Lift and Scotland is Stunning – Let’s Keep it that Way campaigns as well as many locally-planned events.

“Our environmental officers patrol these areas periodically, offering advice and guidance when possible, or fixed penalties, to those found to be discarding litter and waste irresponsibly.”

In relation to the issues on Cumbrae, Cllr Ferguson expanded: "This is an annual problem on the island.

"The problem here is campers and camper vans. They stay for days, use untold amounts of stuff they’ve brought to the island, and leave their rubbish for the council to clear up.

"This is contrary to the Outdoor Access Code that says to take all your litter with you.

"The bins are provided for day trippers, not for irresponsible campers on this island.

"I saw people camping in enclosed fields at Portrye farm, camper vans parked sideways across parking areas to stop anyone else using them, and parked near picnic facilities at Ballochmartin Bay blocking anyone else from being able to use them.

"The only way to stop this is to have a seasonal ranger to police it and ensure people are doing the right thing.

"Yes, they have bagged the rubbish and placed it at the bin, but again that’s not what the Outdoor Access Code tells them to do."