A Largs MSP has told the News that it is "out of order" for ScotRail trains not to be operating with functioning toilets on trains to and from Glasgow.

Kenneth Gibson has raised a stink with ScotRail over the Largs train toilets' lack of availability which is becoming an acute problem for train travellers.

Following complaints from constituents, the SNP politician has raised the availability of toilets on the Largs – Glasgow train service with ScotRail.               

Constituents reported that during commuting hours these trains are frequently operating without working toilets, presenting real issues for train users given the journey time to Glasgow.

ScotRail responded that trains operating on this route would typically undergo servicing at the Ayr depot.

Largs and Millport Weekly News: MSP Kenneth Gibson has blasted situation of inaccessible loos on trainsMSP Kenneth Gibson has blasted situation of inaccessible loos on trains (Image: Newsquest)

However, following the Ayr Station Hotel fire, access to the depot has been restricted, with works at Ayr Station ongoing until June 17.

Consequently, trains have been stabled overnight at locations including Largs, Prestwick, and Ardrossan.

This has resulted in a lower cleaning and servicing standard compared to what they would receive at the depot.

The alternative locations don’t have the necessary facilities to replenish water tanks or maintain controlled emission toilets.

The current temporary arrangement involves running the trains through depots such as Corkerhill or Shields, where feasible, for necessary attention.

Largs and Millport Weekly News:

Mr Gibson commented:  “It is frankly unacceptable that passengers are subject to this kind of inconvenience and discomfort.

“While I appreciate there are mitigating circumstances in terms of the depot, toilet access is a basic human need. Not ensuring adequate provision will deter people with medical conditions or mobility challenges, and make it miserable for many who do travel. 

“Clearly, ScotRail need to give greater priority to the seemingly ad hoc arrangements currently in place.

“I have urged ScotRail to ensure toilets are fully and consistently operational on trains serving the Largs route.” 

A ScotRail spokesperson said: "Our train maintenance teams are making every effort to have the trains presented in a clean condition with the toilets fully operational, given the current constraints they face as a result of the fire at Ayr."