LIFE-SAVING crews in Largs and on Cumbrae have teamed up to share information and learn lessons from past rescues in the hope of boosting emergency help for the public.

Members of the Largs RNLI lifeboat's volunteer crew paid a visit to the Cumbrae coastguard rescue team's new station in Millport - partly to see round the new facililty, partly to find out more about what each team can do, and partly to plan for future emergency responses when the two teams are called out to the same emergency alert.

The coastguard team also got the chance to get up close and personal with the RNLI's Largs inshore lifeboat, the Atlantic 85 vessel RA Wilson.

A coastguard team spokesperson said: "We gave the crew a closer look around our station and vehicle, as well as explaining our capabilities in water search and rescue, lost and missing persons search, and coastguard emergency response casualty care.

"We also discussed how we would likely work together in the event of call-outs to locations around Cumbrae, including the timber pier in Millport, The Eileans, the new onshore and offshore breakwater, and Little Cumbrae.

Largs and Millport Weekly News:

"The crew were kind enough to reciprocate and give us a closer look at one of the most iconic boats on the Clyde to understand more about their own capabilities, skills and huge variety of equipment and technology carried aboard.

"Thanks to FSC Millport for permitting access to the Keppel Pier and to the Largs Lifeboat crew and staff for helping organise a fun and valuable evening of information sharing."