Amazing footage of a minke whale spotted between Gourock and Inverkip on Sunday has surfaced online.

The mammal was first sighted early on Sunday morning at 8am by eagle eyed Clyde watchers, and, sure enough, there were sightings in Largs, Bute, Skelmorlie and Gourock during the rest of the day.

The footage was filmed by Stephanie Johnston who couldn't believe her luck at witnessing such a beautiful sight while out sailing on the Clyde Coast on a fantastic day of weather.

She said: "It was amazing to see, It followed us for around two hours from Gourock to Inverkip. We could then have followed it further south but I was worried to disturb it with the boat."

The video footage was captured at around 4pm between Cloch Lighthouse and Lunderston Bay.

Around Scotland, minke whales occur mainly in waters over the continental shelf (<200m depth) and can often be seen close to land.

According to the Nature Scot website, minke whales are most often spotted around Scotland between July and September, but they can be seen at any time between May and October, and a few may stay here year-round.