Police have reported over a dozen assaults in Largs during a recent four week period, sparking questions and concerns from members of the town's Community Council.

During the reporting period of mid-March to mid-April, there were 13 assaults in the town.

Ten out of the 13 reported incidents resulted in arrests, according to stats released by Police Scotland.

The incidents were as follows: April 17 - Alexander Avenue (detected), April 19 - Linn Avenue, Two assaults (detected), April 25 - Fort Street (detected), May 1 - Mackerston (detected), May 2- Kelvin Street x 2 (detected), May 3  -Nelson Street, May 3 - Gogo Street, May 10 Prom (detected) May 11  Kelvin Street x 2 (detected), Waterside Street.

Community councillor Margaret Wood voiced concerns about the increase.

Largs and Millport Weekly News: Margaret Wood raised concerns regarding assault figures in townMargaret Wood raised concerns regarding assault figures in town (Image: Newsquest)

She said: "I know I mentioned that there seemed to be an increase in assaults last month, but it seems to be ongoing this month."

Sergeant Donald Fisher said: "The majority of those ones alone are in relation to two or three youths between each other - I can't put it any other way than that.

"I am not saying that that indicates a larger youth disorder problem, it is just some of these youths cause us a few challenges."

Ms Wood asked if alcohol was a factor.

Sgt Fisher replied: "Alcohol was present but I wouldn't necessarily say it was the cause but it may have been an influencing factor."

Ms Wood also highlighted that there had been three cases of vandalism in Largs - with two incidents reported in Seabank Avenue.

Sgt Fisher added that similar names appeared in the vandalism and that police were giving a lot of priority to trying to change their behaviour in a more positive fashion.

Asked whether the sunshine and better weather has resulted in more assaults happening, Sgt Fisher stated that there probably was a link, but pointed out that the majority of names involved were the 'same names'.

He said: "I don't want people to think that it is a danger to the public, it tends to be an issue between themselves, and they tend to be antagonistic if they are challenged."

Ms Wood asked if the community was going to see more police on the beat.

Sergeant Fisher said that there would be police on the beat but that it would be at the expense of other ongoing enquiries.

He added that the police do recognise that the public like to see the police out and about and said it was "very much on our agenda" to do that.