A NEW pay-and-display machine has been installed at the seafront car park in Largs.

North Ayrshire Council has confirmed contractors have been on site this week and have completed work in advance of the summer season.

Charges will remain the same, but the car park will operate on a 'pay and display' basis, replacing the previous 'automatic number plate recognition' scheme.

The previous system had been beset by problems including issues with the barrier which led to some drivers getting stuck in the car park and a reduction in revenue caused by the need to employ staff at the facility.

Temporary signs have been erected and new signs will be in place by Monday, June 3. The pay-and-display system came into operation on Thursday, May 30.

Customers are being advised that the machine is card only and does not accept cash.

A North Ayrshire Council spokesperson said: “We are pleased that the work has been completed and the machine will be operational in time for the summer. “

Ian Murdoch said: "I am happy after all this time that the new system has been introduced.

"I have raised concerns with a senior council officer that there is only one pay point on the south end of the car park, and that will be looked into as soon as possible. The cost of installing another pay point is being looked into.

"I also stated my concern that we continuously pay operatives to operate the car park on busy days and weekends. That is adding to the overall expense and results in a loss of income to the car park.

"But now that it is going to pay and display I am hoping that there will be less need for operatives as the weeks go on and they will only be needed for the introduction of pay and display.

"To me it sounds like a win-win situation overall."