North Ayrshire Council have removed their recycling facilities from Morrisons supermarket in Largs, it has been confirmed.

It comes after the News reported on dumb dumpers who were slammed for leaving general waste strewn in and around a recycling site in the town.


A local councillor who hit out at people who leave waste which can't be recycled at the bins in the car park told the News that it was a common sense measure to take the recycling bins away if they were going to be abused.

Ian Murdoch originally said it was "quite clear" what can and can't be recycled at the facility, and urged those taking items to the bins in the car park to use "common sense" if they arrived to find them full.

He said: "The reason the recycling facility has been removed was because it was being abused.

Largs and Millport Weekly News: Litter strewn outside recycling bins in Largs

"Some people have been leaving general waste and all sorts and we have now been notified by North Ayrshire Council that they have removed the bins and they won't be returning.

"It will be up to Morrisons now whether they will be providing a recycling point on their premises going forward but the council have removed their bins and won't be back.

"People who want to recycle can use the amenity site on the A760 between Largs and Kilbirnie that is managed.

"You can't have a facility like that in town being used as a general waste dump and it could attract rats and seagulls, so it really is the only option that is available."

A North Ayrshire Council spokesperson said: “We have cleared the area and will speak with Morrisons about ongoing arrangements.”

There are remaining clothes bins left at the site by The Salvation Army for shoes and clothing recycling.

We reported earlier this week how even a wardrobe door was dumped at the recycling site with rubbish strewn everywhere, with shoppers left shocked at the site.

Morrisons have been asked for further comment.