In its 94 year history, Barrfields Theatre has never quite seen anything like it...after all, whoever heard of a panto in June?


We're all more used to yelling "he's behind you!" and "oh, no, she didn't!" at Christmas, but Showworks Theatre has been breaking more boundaries in Largs by staging a memorable and hilarious show which really had to be seen to be believed.

Aptly named ‘Pantomonium’, the show was a celebration of the genre and all the most loved pantos we enjoy every Christmas, from Snow White to Jack and The Beanstalk.

With something not quite right in Pantoland, from Aladdin losing his lamp to Cinderella being unable to find her glass slipper, the hunt was on to find out who could be behind the treachery.

Senga to the rescue! Pantomonium was high farce and left the audience in stitches of laughterSenga to the rescue! Pantomonium was high farce and left the audience in stitches of laughter (Image: Newsquest)

Every panto needs a hero, of course, and for Pantomonium it came in the shape of unsuspecting Glasgow granny Senga, whisked away as she headed for her daily coffee and scone to come to the rescue of our panto favourites.

And the talented kids from Showworks certainly showed their comedy credentials as they grasped the gag-filled script with a combination of perfect timing and great mirth normally reserved for much more mature actors and actresses, leaving a near full house audience in stitches.

The overall cast boasted over 150 children from Showworks Theatre drama classes in LargsThe overall cast boasted over 150 children from Showworks Theatre drama classes in Largs (Image: Newsquest)

The scale of the show made it a big challenge to put on, with around 150 children taking part, but it was brilliantly produced, with superb visual and sound effects, choreography, songs, self-deprecating wit, and charm, all rolled into an outstanding show.

Adding to the enjoyment was a script sprinkled with topical jokes about Scotland qualifying for the Euros and comedic references to all number of local places including Wilkie’s, Haylie Stores, delays due to roadworks on the Haylie Brae and even travelling back home from Pantoland on a McGill's bus.

(Image: Newsquest)

Pantomonium was very much a love letter to all the great pantos we love and enjoy, but the local enhancements and fine tuning made it something completely different - and showed that in the capable hands of Showworks, any dream can come true, and the only limit is your imagination.

From tots to teens, all the young people involved fully deserved the thunderous applause which came their way at the end of the 70-minute show.

Cast: Cameron Barker (Granny Senga), Olivia Burns (Haudit), Theo Barker (Daudit, Friday), Zara Crawford (Daudit, Saturday), Julie Coulthard (Fairy Mary), Iona Creighton (Baron Bahoolie), Lara Connick (Fairy Godmother), Anneke Kuyt (Cinderella), Max Cardwell (Dolce), Jackson Burleigh (Gabbana), Ethan Nurse (Aladdin), Finn Dale (Genie of the Lamp), Charlotte Burns (Snow White), Eva Keogh (Sleeping Beauty), Amy Anderson (King), Emma Miller (Queen), Ava Stokes (Gingerbread Man), Erin Grace (Red Riding Hood), Faith Nixon (Bo Peep), Jacqualyn Teaz (Peter Pan), Mai Murphy (Pinocchio), Noah Collins (Humpty Dumpty), Sofia Hussain (Mad Hatter).

Seven Dafties: Ruaridh Campbell (Tumshie), Erin Gracie (Wideo), Ria Haddow (Crabbit), Harris Kyle (Blether), Cara McDougall (Feartie), Sophie Maclean (Peely Wally), Clyde Filigoi (Bogey), Emma Cannie (Daisy the Cow/Spooky Skeleton), Neive Meahan (Jack/Spooky Skeleton).

Production team: Ruairidh Forde and Ryan Moir (writers), Ryan Moir (director), Ryan Moir and Angie Moir (associate directors), Lisa Kennedy (choreographer), Mhari Dooris and Angela Moir (class chaperones), Cameron Barker and Lara Connick (class assistants), Stuart McKinnon (technical/lighting), Paul Gregory (stage manager), Angie Moir (deputy stage manager), Josh Ennis (assistant stage manager), Mark Renfrew (sound), Matthew Knox (backstage assistant).

A spokesperson added: "Special thanks to Marie Blackwood and the Arts and Culture Team at North Ayrshire Council, and Drew Cochrane and the Kelburn Wind Farm Trust for supporting the purchase of technical equipment for the production."