Readers are being asked to help in an appeal for information about a woman who lived on Cumbrae until her passing in 2006.

The appeal has come from Gladys Crooks' half-brother, who only discovered he had the connection a few years ago.

Jack Thompson, from Peterborough, is looking to find out more information about Gladys, who is buried at Millport Cemetery.

He was able to locate her grave with help from Jenny Hamilton, of the Clyde Coast and Garnock Valley Crematorium, who also lives on Cumbrae.

Jack explained: "Gladys, maiden name Thompson, was my half sister, who I only discovered a few years ago and managed to find her on the Isle of Cumbrae.

"Gladys was one of three sisters, unfortunately all have since passed.

"Gladys would have moved to Millport around 1983 from Stockton-on-Tees, and lived in Cardiff street in Millport.

"Gladys died in the Lady Margaret Hospital  in 2006.

"With help from Jenny Hamilton we managed to find the grave in Millport Cemetery just a few weeks ago. The grave looks well tended and there were flowers at the grave.

"I am hoping that perhaps some of her friends still remember her and perhaps help me to find out more about her and her life on the island.

"Gladys did have one son, David, but I have been unable to trace him.

"I wonder if Largs and Millport News readers could assist me and perhaps help me with information."

If you can help please email or telephone 01778 348488.