CUMBRAE is set to play host to an array of beautifully-maintained and meticulously-restored vintage vehicles this weekend as the Millport Classic Car Show returns to the island.

The show, born out of Jimmy Newton's love and enthusiasm for old cars, will celebrate its 10th anniversary when a fleet of magnificent vehicles rolls into the grounds of the Garrison House on Saturday, June 22.

Having visited classic shows and events for most of his life, Jimmy decided a decade ago that his beautiful island home would make an ideal location for such an event and he decided to start his own.

Jimmy held his first event in May 2014, a small-scale, self-funded show with a little help from donations from members of his family, who own local businesses.

Jimmy and Eleanor Newton (Image: Newsquest)

That initial event attracted 18 cars - but since then it's gone from strength to strength, with more fabulous 'old timers' on show every year.

The event now also features a public vote for the first, second and third favourites from the cars on display.

The show is now so popular that Jimmy and his wife Eleanor, who still organise the festival, have had to cap entries at 150 cars.

Just as fascinating as the vehicles themselves are the stories all the owners are willing to share of how they restored their 'pride and joy' to immaculate condition - and of some of the bumps in the road they encountered along the restoration road.

(Image: Newsquest)

A Millport Classic Car Committee has now been formed and fundraising by members will help to ensure this family friendly event continues.  ​

Jimmy added: "Car enthusiasts will be able to adore and appreciate some of the most beautiful dream machines in the country again.

"We can't wait to welcome you all back along with a host of iconic classics that have weathered the decades so well thanks to the dedication of their owners.

(Image: Newsquest)

"Come along and see the lovingly restored works of wonder on show."

The event was originally due to be held on Saturday, May 11, but was rescheduled to the second half of June because of the ongoing technical troubles with CalMac's Largs-Cumbrae ferry service.

Asked for the secret of its success, Eleanor said: "It is Millport. What a fabulous setting we have here at The Garrison and looking out on to the coastline.

"It is really something very special indeed to host these classic cars in such a beautiful place."

The classic car show starts in the Garrison grounds at 10am on Saturday.