THE Largs lifeboat and Largs and Cumbrae coastguard teams were called out to a report of a paddleboard being blown offshore towards Cumbrae.

The lifeboat was launched into gale force easterly winds after a member of the public reported what looked like a paddleboard in the water at around 7.30pm on Tuesday, July 9.

The crew performed a 'structured search' to try and find out if there was anyone in the water, while the Largs and Cumbrae coastguard rescue teams carried out searches of the mainland and island shorelines respectively.


After a search lasting 30 minutes, the Cumbrae coastguard team advised that they had recovered the paddleboard, with no safety leash attached and no skeg, or fin, on the underside of the board.

The lifeboat crew continued their search but after running as close as safely possible to the shore, advised they had not found anything.

A short time later all those involved were released from service and were allowed to return to their stations.

Following the incident, Largs lifeboat crew member Mark McDonald said: “As a newer crew member I haven’t been able to be part of many call outs in the kind of conditions encountered this evening.

"It was good to have this experience in a call out that thankfully did not require the rescue of any persons in trouble.

"I would like to also advise members of the public where possible they put contact details on any equipment that will be used on the water.

"This can allow the owner to be contacted to ensure they are safe and well."