The authorities have given up on tackling Largs' parking woes, write Iain and Jean Munro.


Dear sir,

We have just returned from a super holiday in Largs where, amongst other things, we enjoyed a couple of trips on the paddle steamer Waverley and also sampled the delights of Nardini’s ice cream.

During our stay, however, we were staggered to see the number of cars which were parked illegally in and around the town and the lack of action being taken against inconsiderate motorists was equally surprising. It is our understanding that, with the exception of Blue Badge holders, parking on double yellow lines is not permitted at any time of the day or night but evidently this means nothing in Largs.

In the circumstances, we can only assume that, sadly, the authorities have given up on the problem, thus allowing motorists to continue to break the law with impunity.


Iain & Jean Munro

Downes Green