Letter writer John Burleigh has his own solution for Largs' long-standing car parking problem.


Dear sir,

It may seem late in the day - but not too late - to make a 'slight' alteration to this splendid new promenade for the promenaders of Largs. 

To 'kill two birds with the one stone', may I suggest that instead of coming out three metres, why don't you come out 33 metres and incorporate a car park at the same time but still keeping the continuous promenade at the front, still keeping the grass for the picknickers at the side of Vanduara but, crucially, adding a new car park with electric chargers to help Largs with its chronic parking problems for visitors.

One could get at least 100 spaces for cars by reclaiming the land of the bay and it would bring much needed cash from parking and charging terminals into the coffers, which would benefit Largs at the same time. It would alleviate the congestion problems in Largs town centre.

With a cost of £3 million as it stands, money could be raised by Largs people investing £100 into the new parking scheme. Land reclamation could easily be accomplished by pumping sand and gravel from the mouth of the Noddle Burn into the land fill site after piles have been put in place.

It would be a win-win situation for all concerned.

I realise marine licences have been issued but with a bit of collaboration and accommodation, this costly replacement could incorporate other benefits for the town, especially now they are using robust z steel piles as a sea wall and precast concrete units.

Extending the road in front of Vanduara out to sewaward would work and gain much needed car parking spaces.


John Burleigh