I am, as they say, "confused.com".

As we are living through the day s of a cost of living crisis where many people including working people on minimum wage face poverty.

Can someone explain the reasoning behind the decision to close the most economical to run, user friendly, church building with excellent access for the use of disabled people?

This is St John's in Largs. Has anyone done the arithmetic? What will this mean for future generations who may be more financially pressed than us?

Has a feasibility study been carried out looking for accessibility, social inclusion for disabled people and of course a risk assessment basked on those with additional needs? These are all questions I am sure the public would like answered.

Yes, Clark Memorial may have car parking facilities, but have you ever tried using a walking aid or push a wheelchair across a stony car park, especially in the dark?

I am sure these present decisions will shape the future of our town. 

What will future generations think? Have their needs been considered?

Can someone in authority, with common sense, also with the best interests of the people of Largs now and in the future, please help?

Name and address supplied