The public toilets on the Isle of Cumbrae has secured another sponsor.
Mr. Bob Campbell on behalf of the Cumbrae Support team have agreed to sponsor the winter trading period for Fintry Bay toilets.
The Cumbrae Support Team have also agreed to help repaint the toilets prior to the start of the summer to ensure that they are spruced and ready for the peak season.
Mr. Bob Campbell stated :”During our recent meeting part of discussions were regarding the availability of the toilets on the islands and as part of our island support initiatives we decided at this time could help with a donation to help offset costs and keep another toilet open for winter“.
Cumbrae Community Development Company CEO Mr. Michael Bertram added that he was “extremely grateful for the donation.”
CCDC have also received support from Kelburn Wind Farm, Cumbrae Elderly Forum and all of the independent retailers who have collection tins on their counters to assist in funding the upkeep of the public toilets.
The Cumbrae Support Team are a group of volunteers, organised in 2014, as part of ‘Community Resilience’ and supported by NAC to assist where and when necessary when required by the emergency services, i.e. police, ambulance, fire service or any other group on the island.
Local contractor Suki McGregor will also be on hand to manage the facilities over the winter months. If any group or individual wishes to sponsor or donate to the costs of keeping these facilities open for locals and visitors, please contact Michael Bertram on 01475 531 381.
The Cumbrae Support Team helped organise shelter and accommodation for stranded visitors to Cumbrae during a heavy fog which descended on a Monday evening last month.