Glasgow Airport is one of the largest in Scotland and is used by Glaswegians and those across the country all year round.

However, many can get caught out by surprise charges when simply parking or picking up a loved one returning from their holidays.

This is why we have decided to answer some of the most commonly asked questions regarding parking and drop-off fees at the airport.

Is there a charge for drop-off and pick-up services at Glasgow Airport?

Glasgow Airport has express pick-up and drop-off zones directly outside the main terminal building perfect for those looking to come and go quickly.

Users will see charges of £5.50 for 15-minute stays with those wanting to stay longer advised to use the Short Stay car park.

Those staying for more than 15 minutes will have to pay a premium charge upon exiting.

How much does it cost to park at Glasgow Airport?

Parking exists at Glasgow Airport for those going on short and long-haul trips.

Long Stay Parking is further away from the airport and requires those who have not pre-booked to pay a minimum of £50 for a three-day stay.

The full prices can be found on the Glasgow Airport website where users can also book their vehicle's stay.

Drivers can also use the Short Stay car park next to the main terminal which costs more (£55 for 24 hours).

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How to get to Glasgow Airport

Getting to Glasgow Airport is relatively easy with a bus service running from Buchanan Bus Station.

To get there by bus, passengers can use the Glasgow Airport Express 500 which is operated by First Bus. These routes last around 15 minutes with the bus leaving from Stance 46.

Leaving the airport via taxi is also easy with passengers able to use the airport's 180 taxi fleet which is readily available from the pick-up zone.