Excitement in our household has reached fever pitch over the new baby - no not wee George from Hastings but the Pandas.They might even be twins -- what would they be called? Hoots and Mon does it for me.

As a twin myself I have often hated seeing children dressed exactly alike as happened to me. No individuality, and like many twins, we did not have names but were asked by friends and family " how are the twins?"

I suppose if you're a panda it doesn't matter as much. One of my earliest memories of Largs was falling into the sea near Mackerston, also at Battery Park in Greenock, St Monans in Fife et al. My wee twin brother Gordon was useful as a backup for some dry clothes so having a double maybe isn't so bad after all. He has never recovered!

In fairness, falling into the sea at Largs wasn't something I did alone. My dad, now 88, did fall in off the pier in the late 50's ( before I was born) trying to get into a boat for fishing -- in his good suit during a works trip- I believe alcohol may have been a factor. My dad blamed the steps!

My mum who had signed the pledge as a rechabite (google it!) was less than impressed but still liked Largs nevertheless. Like many folk from Glasgow day tripping and holidaying in Largs with her mum marked out our family memory of living near the sea.

With the recent great weather it has been fantastic to see the town so busy. Less fantastic is the litter left by the unthinking and uncaring. This is not just folk from outside. Walking most days next to the Gogo the amount of cigarette packets, bottles of beer, crisp pokes is mind boggling that appears each day. Why do the public not put their litter in bins that are available ? Maybe every packet of crisps etc should have a 10p surcharge so people return them to the shops just as we did with ginger (soft drink) bottles years ago and made a nifty profit. In fairness to the staff of the cleansing dept. it is a thankless task Any other idea pass on to the Editor!

Cheers Ps make sure you support the Viking Festival this week!